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Iain Kemp

Iain Kemp

Professional Profile

• Master of Physical Therapy (University of Manitoba)
• Bachelor of Kinesiology (University of Manitoba)
• Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT-L1)
• RockTape - Functional Movement Techniques Certified (Fascial Movement Taping)
• Volunteer - Special Olympics Manitoba (CF|24, Motionball)

Areas of Expertise

• Use of Neurokinetic Therapy to determine the global effects of injury & dysfunction on a motor control level (determining how the body has compensated and adapted, therefore, finding the true cause of injury & dysfunction).
• Low Back injuries and conditions
• Hip and Pelvic-Related Injury and Dysfunction
• The Soccer Player
• The Crossfit Athlete
• Strength and Conditioning training for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Personal Profile

​In my spare time, I truly enjoy flipping through social media, books, podcasts and other educational material related to areas of my practice that I am very much interested in. I believe that we were all born with the ability to heal ourselves, if only taught the right techniques.  Research shows that properly tailored movement, mobility, exercise, nutrition and strength are extremely effective when overcoming a painful injury or condition.

​Aside from getting my learn on, my lovely wife Sheena and Jack Russell, Charlie, the occasional run outdoors, and a few home or Crossfit workouts a week consume the rest of my time. Well, that and watching TV, Movies, and remembering useless quotes and information. If you have a love of The Simpsons or Dad jokes, I am all ears.

​Sheena and I are currently building a new home and will hopefully add to our family in the not too distant future.  Being close to friends, family, and our best buds Rachel and Matt, is very important to us.

​My goal is to give people an experience that helps them become empowered. We all have the ability to figure ourselves out, and help ourselves lead a happy, pain-free life.  Physiotherapy isn’t something you get, it’s something you do!