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Your Initial Assessment

Your treatment plan will start with a thorough initial assessment. We will have an in-depth conversation with you about your injury so we can understand your concerns and how your injury personally affects you. Next, we will guide you through a focused physical examination consisting of several clinical tests which will further our understanding of your injury, and allow us to determine a diagnosis and the best approach to treating you and your injury.

Your Treatment

We will develop a treatment plan specifically for you. Your treatment plan is a comprehensive plan designed to help you reach goals. During your treatment sessions you will be introduced to many different clinical treatment techniques, all of which are strategically planned out to ensure your progress through your rehabilitation.


Clear communication between you and your Provider is the key to a successful treatment plan. As you progress through your treatment sessions, your Provider will be constantly evaluating your response to the treatments and fine-tuning the treatment plan to ensure that you are achieving your goals. Do not hesitate to ask questions, the more you know about your treatment plan, the more successful you will be.


We offer several convenient payment plan options to meet your needs.  Depending on your situation, we can work with you and your insurance provider to find a payment plan solution that fits you.

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